Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has been the most successful citizenship by investment program in all of Europe, creating a gold standard for every other similar country to follow and replicate.

Within the Golden Visa Program sponsored by Portugal there are many options that you get as an investor that you can use to obtain a residency and an eventual second passport. The Investment Fund Option is one of the most practical and easiest ways to obtain residency in Portugal in close to no time.

There are close to twenty different funds in which you can invest your money inside of Portugal and qualify for the Golden Visa Program. These funds are diverse and involve different types of business sectors, income, and ways in which you can invest.

Some of the funds that are sponsored by the Government of Portugal include the promotion of real estate, agriculture, new technologies, tourism, health, and other sectors that need funding to grow and improve the economy of Portugal and its population.

In order to invest in these funds you must have been born outside of the European Union, have a clean criminal record, have all of your finances in order including proof of capital, and have a written bank statement.

These investment funds have been of most interest to American and Chinese nationals who, one way or another plan to expand their business into Europe. Having a second passport from Portugal makes this much easier for your company.

Same as the real estate option, in order to qualify for the Golden Visa Program you must make an investment into a government fund of €350,000. The investment can be in whatever you want as long as it is in the government list.

Every investment fund has different stipulations and each of them have a specific time frame that leads to their approval. The list changes quite often so I suggest you do your research orcontact a professional to help you choose which is the correct one for you.

Thanks to the immense success of the Golden Visa Program in Portugal the government has chosen to make a few reforms. The Golden Visa Program will change completely some time in 2022, so if you are interested in obtaining a second passport from Portugal I recommend you start the process as soon as possible.One of the major rumors about the new changes is that the amount of money that you need to qualify will change. The investment capital required will go from €350,00 to €500,000 and so will all the different investment fund options.

What won’t change is the risk factors involving every option you get as an investor. Even though they are sponsored by the government does not mean that they don’t come with a bit of risk, you have to be careful when selecting where to put your money.

Real estate and agriculture are sure bets in Portugal, but you won’t have a lot of legroom in these areas as the sectors are quite straightforward. I suggest you look into new technologies as Portugal has some very interesting things going on at the moment.