Portugal D2 vs D7 Visa

Portugal has one of the easiest to navigate immigration systems in all of Europe. There are many different options that a foreigner has if they want to become a resident of Portugal and eventually get a second passport through citizenship.

The Golden Visa program offered in Portugal is one of the most popular, cost efficient, and easiest routes to a second passport in Europe right now, but there are other types of visas that Portugal offers that you can benefit from such as the D2 and D7 visa.


The D2 Visa is also called the Entrepreneur Visa because it is aimed at foreigners who wish to relocate their business inside of Portugal or create a new one in the country. The great thing about this Visa is that it has no minimum capital requirements.

Even though there is no specific amount of money that you have to show to qualify for the visa, there are still a ton of things that you have to show. One of the most important ones is a complete business plan showing what you plan to do in the country.

The business plan must include how many jobs you will be creating in Portugal, how much money you will be investing, the resources that you will use, and the impact that your business will have in the economy of Portugal.

You must also have all of your affairs in order and have concrete proof of where the money is coming from. Any slight irregularity involving your finances and your application package will not be accepted.

Applying for the D2 Visa can get complicated if your business is not in good standing, but it is definitely worth it. Portugal has one of the most interesting technology hubs currently in Europe and its position in the European Union make it an excellent place to expand into the European market.


The D7 Visa is commonly referred to as the retiree visa because you can’t work while having it and you must prove that you are receiving a monthly income from outside of Portugal. In other words, you must prove that you can take care of yourself and your family.Just like the D2 Visa there is no specific amount that you need in order to qualify, but it must be enough to appease the local authorities. The more dependents you have the more money you must show in your application.

You must apply for this Visa every two years that you are living in Portugal. Once you get approved and settle in Portugal the application process becomes easier and easier. It must be said that the higher your income the higher your chances are of getting your visa approved.

With a D7 Visa you are not required to work, impact the economy, or all the stuff the D2 Visa asks of foreigners. The D7 Visa is the most popular visa option for expats and retirees who want to start a new life in the gorgeous country of Portugal.

Portugal is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in all of Europe. There is a reason why hundreds of thousands of retirees move to Portugal to start a new life. Make the jump, you will not regret it.