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Whether you’re seeking to invest in the sunny Algarve in Portugal or secure your family’s future with an EU passport, our team’s specialist knowledge on the practicalities of investing abroad ensures your success.


As an independent firm, we have no hidden costs, middlemen, or agendas. Our only focus and loyalty is to you, our clients; who seek to work, live or study in Portugal.

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Our specialist team uses a strategic approach to ensure a seamless and successful application process, guiding our clients through each step.

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Our international team understands the challenges in obtaining a second residency or citizenship. We make your journey to a better life as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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Greatly increase your chances of a hassle free Golden Visa Portugal application process, by working with professionals.

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  • We review all of your documents and prepare your Golden Visa application in a way that complies with government requirements.

  • Don't risk having your application delayed or even denied due to a simple mistake. Work with a Golden Visa expert to streamline your application process.

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Starting with a free Golden Visa consultation, we will learn your exact requirements and provide you with a comprehensive quote. This will allow you to make plans based on realistic timelines and to have a clear idea of all costs involved, in the Portugal Golden Visa application process.

By knowing what to expect, from local experts, you'll be able to focus on making your Portugal dreams come true, rather than worrying about the unknowns of a foreign visa application process.

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Increase your chances of success with our experts

  • Having worked with the Portugal Golden Visa process countless times we know what to look out for in making your application. Benefit from our decades of experience and save yourself the stress and worries that come with such an important immigration procedure.

  • Our Golden Visa Portugal experts will guide you from start to finish in properly sourcing and preparing your documents so as to minimize any chances of applicaiton delays. Make your dreams come true sooner with a team of professionals on your side.


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Following are the eligibility requirements for the Golden Visa in Portugal: 1) be at least 18 years old 2) have a clean criminal record in each country you've lived in; and 3) make an investment in Portugal, by way of real estate purchase, company or fund investment, capital transfer or donation.

The Portugal Golden Visa application fees are: €5,325 per person for the application itself plus €533 (+ €83.30 per dependent) in processing costs.

The initial duration of the Portuguese Golden Visa is one year, with renewals of two years each possible, as long as you maintain your investment in the country. After five years (1 year + 2 years + 2 years) of residency, you may apply for permanent resident status.

Yes, Portuguese Golden Visa holders may legally work in the country. Furthermore, you will be able to travel visa free throughout the Schengen Zone, with a maximum stay of 90-days out of any 180-day time period allowed.

It may take as long as 12-months in between submitting your Golden Visa application and receiving your first residence permit.

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    Consultations for prospective immigrants

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